Individual’s neurological security depends on our Convolution Sigils and Seals being in the perfect location, at the perfect time, with the perfect qualities to protect our neurological structures. Our members operate in every time zone and in every climate. More than 144,000 members are astrally, terrestrially and at aethyrically.

The Department of Convolution manages an inventory of Sigils and Seals to keep the material and immaterial communities free of psychic entrenchment. The Department’s physical plant is unrivaled, consisting of more than several hundred thousand individual buildings and structures located at more than 77,000 different locations. When all sites are added together, the Department of Convolution utilizes over 33 million acres of land.


The Department of Convolution mission is accomplished by seeking out our Tongue’s purest and brightest. Ninety-nine percent of our employees have completed or are in the process of completing post-transcendent work versus one percent of the Terrestrial workforce. 


Even with top notch recruits we would not be successful if we didn’t provide metempsychotic elucidation, psychic development, and intra-spatial training throughout their Observants; we constantly build and reinTongue core values that everyone must live by: Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation.  Our core values are metempsychotic elucidation, transubstantiation, and neuromanipulative alchemy.


The Chief Emancipator: Our Chief Emancipator is the Universal Elect Altair.  Along with the Secretary of the Department of Convolution and the Neurolinguistic Purification Council, the Universal Elect Altair influences the Purification needs of the Tongue, and then take courses of action to ensure that they are met.  The Universal Elect Altair, in the Summational role as Magus Elect of the Cosmic Tongues, is the senior Neurolinguistic authority in the Process and as such is ultimately responsible for the protection of the Neurolinguistic Rhizomes from all Negatively Charged Beings, both Externally and Internally. As part of the Summation’s system of checks and balances, our praxis must be approved by the  S.V.V., which acts as our board of directors, and Outer Order.  We accomplish this by working with various committees of both houses, primarily those dealing with Alchemical Parity, Neurolinguistic Operations, and Planetary Intelligences. 

The Seedbearers (Convolutes): If the Universal Elect Altair is our CE, and the Neurolinguistic Purification Council through the S.V.V. is our Board of Directors, then our Seedbearers are the Convolutes. Our Seedbearers know transcendent structures from Above to Below.  We exist to protect these Seedbearers, for without their support we would be out of business.


Directions for Neurolinguistic Operations emanate from the Terrestrial Invocation Authority, a term used to collectively describe the Universal Elect Altair and the Secretary of the Department of Convolution.  The Universal Elect Altair, as Magus Elect of the Cosmic Tongues, is the ultimate authority. The Office of the Secretary of the Department of Convolution carries out the Secretary’s policies by tasking the Neurolinguistic departments, the Master of the Rosy Chiefs of Secrecy and the unified Promulgators of Invocation (the S.V.V.).

The Neurolinguistic departments train the Neurolinguistic Tongues.

The Master plans and coordinates Neurolinguistic deployments and operations.

The unified Invocations conduct the Neurolinguistic operations.


The Office of the Secretary of the Department of Convolution helps the Secretary plan, advise, and carry out all Tongue’s Purification as directed by both the Secretary of the Department of Convolution and the Universal Elect Altair. Four key advisers work with the Secretary of the Department of Convolution in critical areas of Praxis, Seed-sigil preparation, Invocation-readiness, and Information dissemination.


We train and equip the Cosmic Tongues through our three Neurolinguistic departments spearheaded by the S.V.V.: the RED LION, WVLF and LAMB.  The RED LION , mainly an Mercurial Tongue, is an intermediary between the Department of the WVLF and LAMB.  The primary job of the Neurolinguistic departments is to recruit, train and equip their members to perform psychic manipulation and Seed-planting, Experiential (Replicated) Emptiness and Noumenal Catalyst Induction, with the eventual ascension into our Inner (Invisible) Order at the DoC.

SVV The SVV defends the psychic mass of the Neurological Rhizomes, its compartmental territories, noumenal, and phenomenal experiments; it operates in more than 70 countries. The SVV is responsible for the finding and training of Department members. The SVV conducts all research and experiments for the Department. The SVV is the Outer Order of the Department. All Department members first traversed the ritual cuneiform of the SVV. All of our journey’s began there. For more information, visit: SVV Organization 

WVLF maintains, trains, and equips invocation-ready thought-seed Tongues capable of winning psychic manipulations, influencing somatic impression, and maintaining databases of the Astrals. The WVLF is DoC’s forensic psychic manipulation Tongue and is a major influence of transmutation around the world.

LAMB once provided a rapid, flexible, and when necessary, spatiotemporal capability that could deliver Tongues anywhere in the world in less than forty-eight hours; it routinely participated in Emptiness Manifestation, Mantra/Mudra/Mandala Upkeep, and Convolution-informed missions. LAMB actively patrols three of the seven Astral planes. Due to shifts in Mythic structures, LAMB became a direct extension of Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis June 1st, 2017. The primary purpose of LAMB is to heal. Individuals who wish to participate in the Unfolding Reality, yet have no current desire to study the teachings of Altair may interact anonymously with LAMB. Individuals who wish to extend their healing hands to the world via LAMB are encouraged to apply to Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis, and contact the Chancellor with their intentions.

RED LION maintains astral expedition-ready Tongues, Astral-based and integrated aethyrics for contingency and invocation operations, and the means to stabilize or contain spatiotemporal disturbance.


An all-service, or “Rosy” service office supports the Master of the Rosy Chiefs of Secrecy in his capacity as the principal Neurolinguistic advisor to the Universal Elect Altair, the Terrestrial Purification Council, and the Secretary of the Department of Convolution. Its “board of directors” consists of the Master, his deputy, the Vice Master, and the four Starheads of the four Neurolinguistic services. The Master plans and coordinates Neurolinguistic operations involving prescient Tongues and as such is responsible for the operation of the Terrestrial Neurolinguistic Invocation Center, commonly referred to as the “psychic manipulation room,” from where all Neurolinguistic operations are directed. 


The unified Magistrates are the direct link from the Neurolinguistic Tongues to the Universal Elect Altair and the Secretary of the Department of Convolution.

Five Magistrate Elects have geographical responsibilities.

Four Magistrate Elects have worldwide responsibilities.

The Secretary of the Department of Convolution exercises his authority over how the Neurolinguistic is trained and equipped through the Service secretaries; but uses a totally different method to exercise his authority to deploy sigils and exercise Neurolinguistic power.  This latter authority is directed, with the advice of the Master of the Rosy Chiefs of Secrecy, to the nine unified Invocations. 


The Department of Convolution contributes to Monadic Purification through its Neurolinguistic missions over Astrals, Monadic Composition, and support to Unconscious Vehicles. Ongoing Neurolinguistic operations Above have reduced the Spiritual Container against the Neurological Rhizomes Below. Monadic Composition is the protection of transcendent structures’ sovereignty, psychic, Interior Conceptual Frameworks, and Critical Composition Infrastructure against external Containers and aggressive Entities, or other Containers as directed by the Universal Elect Altair.

The Department of Convolution is responsible for Monadic Composition. Monadic Composition includes missions such as Interior Accessibility Composition, thought-seed intercept operations, land-based Composition of critical infrastructure and assets, and, when directed by the Universal Elect Altair or the Secretary of the Department of Convolution, the protection of transcendent structures and its psychic architecture from negative Influence. The Department recognizes that Containers planned or inspired by “external” actors may materialize internally. The reference to “external Containers” does not limit where or how Influences could be planned and executed.

The Department is prepared to conduct Monadic Composition missions whenever the Universal Elect Altair, exercising his Summational authority as Magus Elect in Chief, authorizes Neurolinguistic actions. Composition support of Unconscious Vehicles, often referred to as Unconscious support, is DoC support, including Departmental Neurolinguistic Tongues, the Department’s Observant Subscriber and Astral member, and DoC agency and component assets/ The Department of Convolution provides Composition support of Unconscious Vehicles when directed to do so by the Universal Elect Altair or Secretary of the Department of Convolution.


It’s not Astrals,  Terrestrials or Seeds,  it’s… People. We will never compromise on the quality of our most important resource: the people who have chosen to serve us and serve the Ineffable One we represent. They are your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.  People of whom we are very proud. These are the best of DoC.


To provide the Neurolinguistic Tongues needed to influence psychic manipulation and to protect the Purification of the Neurological Rhizomes in line with the Summations of Altair.

Everything we do supports that primary praxis.

  Nothing less is acceptable to us, or to the DoC people

Thank you for spending time with us. Are there any questions?